Together, Every One Achieves More

30th May 2018


Written by Lisa Harker

This Spring Flowers painting is one of my favourites. It’s currently winging its merry way to it’s new home in New Zealand!

But it didn’t always look this way. It went through quite an adventure before it arrived at this configuration. 

I started the painting in the usual way, building up the grass and the sky and then adding flowers on top. Usually the paintings have a flow to them but this one just wouldn’t come together – it simply did not feel right. Then, somehow as I was piping the flowers I must have either used the wrong paint or there was something wrong with the mixture but the paint would not dry. I left it and left it and still the paint still wouldn’t dry. Eventually there was nothing I could do – the paint would have to come off. So I spent the next few hours wiping off the paint. The canvas – and me(!) – were covered in a gloopy yellow mess. I literally had to wash it all off and start again until I was left with a canvas that looked very sorry for itself. And I wasnt’ too happy either!

It spent the next few months in my studio. Occasionally I would look at it in disgust and then get on with something else!

Then one day I looked at it and found some inspiration. With renewed interest, I built up the grass and smoothed out the sky using acrylic and spray paint to get the effect I wanted. The grass stems flowed and the sky was a perfect hue. I gently added some yellow (with caution this time!) and a little pink and then later I used gold glass paint for the flower centres before carefully painting on white petals around the gold. The result was one I could never have imagined. I was delighted with the painting, it was very different to my previous work and represented a new phase in my development as an artist. I knew that it would sell quickly, which it did.

Sometimes what we think is a problem in life can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise. If we allow a little time for reflection and for a new phase to unfold we can soon see the hidden benefits of a situation. What’s more we find that new doors open as a result and life may take a new direction. One we would never have taken of our own volition but which is nevertheless far more suitable and fulfilling than we could initially have envisaged at the start of our journey.

The Spring Flowers Painting was available at £225. Prices for prints available on request.


When Spring Has Love in the Air

30th May 2018

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