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Lisa Harker Quirky Art


As you have probably guessed that’s me on the right at the launch of the Lisa Harker Quirky Art Gallery in Truro, Cornwall.

To tell you a little about myself, I’m largely a self-taught artist. At the tender age when we have to make important choices about life, the universe and everything, I couldn’t contemplate going to art school – the thought of having to wear strange clothes and have my nose pierced was too scary! So I decided to opt for a sensible career and study law and ‘dabble’ in art in my spare time. Obviously you can see how that turned out… 🙂

Although I’m originally from Yorkshire, it was always my dream to move to Cornwall. I’ve now been here nearly 10 years and I love it. Not a day goes by when I don’t find inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings. However, I’ve also lived and worked in London and Oxford where I had my work exhibited at a number of galleries including the Mall Galleries in central London. My latest project is having my own gallery in central Truro called ‘Lisa Harker Quirky Art.’

My work features LOTS of colour. And a bit of glitter never goes amiss either. I choose my colours carefully so they provide an interesting contrast, often with what I would term a ‘gentle clash’. I have a simple style and much of my work features hearts and flowers and the like. I use an unusual technique of piping paint on canvas to create texture and depth. Have a look at the gallery and you will see what I mean…

The ‘Take A Break’ magazine recently ran an article about the side effects of having one of my paintings… As some of my work is love based it seems to attract more of this into the life of the painting’s owner… in interesting and unusual ways!

Anyway, despite my crazy, busy lifestyle, I am always happy to answer your questions so please feel free to contact me in whatever way you prefer: connect with me, find me on Facebook at Lisa Harker Quirky Art, drop me a line at quirkyart@lisaharkerart.co.uk or call me on….. Better still, come into my gallery in Truro.

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