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So this is me. It’s colourful, it’s bold and of course, it’s quirky…


"Why shouldn’t art be pretty...?"

Auguste Renoir 1841 – 1919


“We visited one of Lisa’s exhibitions and Sunrise Love just immediately caught our attention – we really enjoyed looking at it! What we appreciate about it, now that it is on our wall is that throughout the day and the evening, as the light changes the textures and patterns come alive to show off discreet shadows creating a totally different piece of art at each moment. We wanted another and worked with Lisa to commission a sister painting and that is how Sunset Love was born. A perfect and yet different pair that perfectly reflect the concept their names suggest.”


Ian M


“Art that is created with love, care and a hopeful wish for the future – who knows what will happen after you receive your painting! I have a piece of Lisa’s artwork on my wall and I love it!”


Maxine M


“Lisa is a source of absolute reassurance and hope for me, her care, her skills and her talents are woven into each and every painting she produces. Lisa used her knowledge and understanding of me to channel which colours and patterns would be best suited for my painting, but still allowed me to have input in what I felt was right for me. The result is a beautiful, inspiring, uplifting peace of art that hangs confidently in my home and brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face every time I look at it”.


Kerry F